Art on Display All Over Port Alberni

Art is being displayed all over Port Alberni through Art Rave’s Art&Business program. A sincere thank you to all of the participating businesses…

All Mex’d Up                          #6-5440 Argyle St
Artisan Angel Cafe                #6-4505 Victoria Quay
Blue Fish Gallery                   2907 2nd Ave
Boutique Belles Amies          5344 Argyle St
Char’s Landing                      4815 Argyle St
Clock TowerGallery                #14-5440 Argyle St
Cloud City                              3042 3rd Ave
Flandangles                            3036 3rd Ave
Gayle’s Fashions                    5262 Argyle St
Jenny’s Fine Foods                3074 KingsWay Ave
Kismet Quilts                          5334 Argyle St
MacDermotts Insurance       4907 Argyle St
Medicine Shoppe                   4833 SouthGate Rd
Medicine Shoppe                   3949 MapleWay
Royal Bank                              2925 3rd Ave
Serious Coffee                        3755 10th Ave
SteamPunk Cafe                     3025 3rd Ave
Swale Rock Cafe                     5328 Argyle St
The Ark                                    3020 3rd Ave
The Lighthouse                      2750 Harbour Road
*All Art shown during the Art Rave Festival is for sale.


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