The People’s Choice Winner : Katharina Zalatnai

Peoples Choice. Artist-

Fairy Morning by Katharina Zalatnai

The People’s Choice Winner in the Juried Art show 2014 was Katharina Zalatnai of Courtenay, BC. with her wonderful painting “Fairy Morning”.
Katharina Eva Zalatnai is a professional artist with a long list of achievements behind her. She studied art in Hungary, Italy, France and Canada and has a degree in Art History and Archaeology.
Katharina has had many exhibitions internationally and locally and has worked as a Commercial Artist, Interior Designer and Art Instructor. Katharina has also worked as a Jewellery Designer, A Color stylist for Animation and Prehistoric rock art research. Many of her paintings have found homes in Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada. She now lives in Courtenay on beautiful Vancouver Island.

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