Have you heard?

Jill and her helpers have been busy. They sent news out to:

  • the Arts Council
  • Art Rave members
  • Wednesday Painters,
  • Island Arts magazine.

Island Arts offered us editorial space in their May issue on-line and in print, so they’ll run an article with photos

We do monthly community Shaw promos that run on channel 4, chatting up Art Rave, the social, and the need for volunteers for the Festival.

We post monthly poster and email mail-out re: the social.
Art Link magazine has had ads and articles in the last 2 issues and one more due for June.

We use radio and all possible free on-line promo for our socials ie:

  • alberni.ca,
  • Harbour Living

Carolyn Ness has articles pending for both local papers.

Working on getting all confirmed info into media docs.

Posters up at VIU & ADSS looking for young artists and volunteers.

We’re working on

  • the Festival poster
  • a banner for Rogers Street at Mill,
  • the festival site
  • meetings with all and sundry in that regard
  • Kid’s Art Workshops at Rollin on June 6th to make site enhancement banners for the festival.
  • Supplies, plans, prep and promo stuff
  • Festival Volunteer schedule/matrix on which to base planning
  • Group Show site organized and prepped.
  • Entertainment/Beer Garden.
  • Banners.

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