Social last night

SolsticeFestThanks to everyone that joined us for the social last night at Char’s. Thanks to those of you re-newing your memberships. Your support makes it all worthwhile. And a special thanks to the new members, people who have heard about Art Rave and want to join to support the arts in Port Alberni.
Some feedback from last night… people want to gather to make things. We’ve listened and we agree. So …

  • Art Rave is meeting in March to discuss the next collaborative luminary project with Erin Ryding. This usually involves several gatherings and were a great hit last year.
  • Art Rave will facilitate a puppet making workshop to assist the Art Matters Society with it’s performances. Details to be confirmed.
  • Art Rave will facilitate a workshop making low relief panels to be used as the basis for a rubbings table, part of Art Raves “Art On The Street” contribution to the Solstice Arts Festival. Details to be confirmed.
    Will keep you updated.

And consider joining the Art Rave Society of Alberni, 2016. Every penny of the $10 membership fee goes to supporting the arts.

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