June 13th, 2012

Art Rave Society meeting minutes for June 13th, 2012

Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm at Islands Gallery – Chris chairing, Colleen taking minutes.

In attendance – Wes Bloxham, Chris Doman, Susan LaForge, Victoria Brook, Michael Mallin, Tamas,Zalatnai, Colleen Clancy  – regrets George Bowden

Adoption of May 29th, 2012 minutes accepted


1. (New) Tamas was approached by Ann          from the Salmon Festival committee to approach the Art Rave Board to see if there was interest in renting a tent/s for the Labor Day weekend Salmon Festival down at Victoria Quay – this year the dates for SF are: Fri, 31st Aug. to Mon, 3rd Sept. – times: Fri, 4-9, Sat, Sun, 11-9, Mon, 11-3. – Cost: 75.00 per day for a reduced rate for multiple days. Victoria motioned to accept the plan, all in favor.   Tamas agreed to head the ‘Salmon Fest’ committee

 2. (New) Discussion regarding Charlene Patterson of Char’s landing re a non profit organization to partner with her for the Aug long weekend to obtain a Liquor license for a wine/beer garden in her parking lot. Chris will approach Char and, with Tamas and Sue will plan to meet w/Char to discuss details.

3. Discussion re how Art Rave will have a visual presence (signage, logo, etc) on the street during Aug long weekend festivities along Argyle. Wes will contact Jean Macintosh re this.

4. Committees to be formed –

  • “Art Rave Kick off with General Meeting, Membership Drive and Dance” – Susan LaForge agreed to head the committee to organize this event.
  • “Salmon Fest”  committee – Tamas agreed to head the committee to organize this event. (tentative name ‘Art Rave honours the Salmon’)
  • “Gallery Crawl” for Aug long weekend – Wes will head this committee.
  • “Grants” committee – Colleen agreed to head this committee. Wes gave Colleen package for gaming grant.

5. Discussion re Art Rave kick off – tentative date set for July 20th or 21st, Wes will contact Kathy of Little Bavaria to find out which date is available and the cost for hall rental. Sue to contact ‘Malumba Boogie Band’ for entertainment to find out their availability, will look into liquor license.

Food discussion – it was decided that Tapas style/finger food would suit the evening – food sources; ‘No Frills’, ‘Quality Foods’, ‘Fairway’ (Lorie Allen/Darren to be contacted)

Tentative schedule of evening – 7 to 8 – ‘meet and greet’, allowing time for people to arrive, mingle, finger food available throughout evening, cash bar, membership table to be set up  – 8 to 8:30 – General meeting called to order with introduction of Board, President’s presentation, question/answer – ‘draw for piece of art’ (more discussion at next meeting to flesh out this idea) – 9:00 ‘Dance’ (‘Malumba Boogie Band’ the proposed band for evening) – media – multimedia presentation, ‘artists in their studios,’ interviews, etc, Barry and Ann and George to be contacted.

 6. There was discussion as to whether an ‘Art Auction’ should be held same night as the Art Rave Kick-off and Membership Drive – seen as a potential money raiser, it was thought profile of “Art Rave’ should be higher, so timing is important, with that in mind the consensus was, that more time should be put into planning, organizing of the event, with tentative dates set for October. (tentative name ‘Currie in Winter’, Chris suggestion).

7. Re Logo – discussion focused on looking at a new logo for Art Rave – George to contact Gittan to inform her of Board’s decision – Chris to contact Beth Doman, a graphic designer, (does graphic design for UVic). Will ask Beth to come up with 3 possible designs – looking for something with good readability, will translate well between mediums and can be used for all communications, correspondence.


President’s report – Wes spoke of the success of the “Meet and Greet” at Islands Gallery on                and “Art Rave Presents” at the Station House Bar and Grill on June 2nd on Argyle Street. Looking forward to the developing profile of “Art Rave” in the community, with the planned events for July, August, September, October.

Treasurer’s report – Virginia Brook initiated the opening of a bank account at Coastal Credit Union. There will be a deposit of 200.00 from Kathy of Little Bavaria, 25.00 from Gayle, of Gayle’s Fashions, 50.00 from               . (one other cheque to be deposited, unsure of $) Sue motioned to accept Victoria’s report, motioned carried.

Communications – (George not in attendance) there was discussion re design of membership forms and how to create an ‘online’ membership form, there will be follow up discussion with George re this. Discussion re getting more people using website and checking in with George re development of public website for Art Rave.

Secretary – will create a ‘meeting agenda’ template for next meeting to be used on-goingly.

Next meeting set for June 20th, 2012 @ 6:30 at Islands Gallery.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.