July 31st, 2012

Art Rave Society
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Date – July 31st, 2012 time – 6:30 pm place – Islands Gallery

1. Call to order at 6:40

2. Additions to agenda
Salmon Fest Report
Aug 4th Centennial weekend, membership table at Char’s
Colleen, Wes, Veronica, Susan, Tamas

3. Adoption of previous board meeting minutes

5. Correspondence

8. Reports –
1. President
2. Vice-President
3. Treasurer
George made a motion “Board approve purchase of “Accounting Coach” 50.00 – Instructions and Excel Templates. Michael seconded it, unanimously approved
4. Other

9. Old Business –
Notice of change in Directors, effective May 29th, 2012 Colleen Clancy signed the form, cheque written ($15.00.) Will send to Minister of Finance

10. New Business –
Salmon Fest committee meeting Wednesday, August 8th
Tamas will Chair. Tamas to Approach Ann at Flandangles to come for 7:00 for Discussion regarding a survey. George to create a survey on Art.
Board Yearly Planning, Aug 19th 11- 2 – . Potluck 3 – 8