Art Rave Society of Alberni Financial Statement 20012-01-01 through 2012-09-07
Income / Expense Category Amount
Expense Bavaria Show -$2,457.64
Expense Incorporation -$135.00
Expense Loan repayment -$500.00
Expense Office -$44.26
Expense Pre-incorporation advertising -$115.49
Expense Salmon Fest Show -$974.52
Expense Society -$137.42
Total Expense -$4,364.33
Income Loan $500.00
Income Bavaria Show $2,881.08
Income Donation to Society $395.00
Income Membership dues $470.00
Income Salmon Fest Show $316.18
Total Income $4,562.26
Income less Expense $197.93
Physical Asset Donated Art $100
Total $100


Net Cash Worth does not include physical assets, the value of which are estimated above.

A detailed up-to-the-minute report is available on request.