Aug 8th, 2012

Art Rave Society Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date – Aug 8th, 2012 time – 6:30 pm place – Islands Gallery

In attendance: Wes, Jenny, Tamas, Michael, Colleen, George, Anne Flemming
Absent: Chris, Virginia, Sue, all excused

1. Call to order at: 6:45

2. Adoption of agenda –
Anne Fleming, secretary of Salmon Fest to attend at 7:00 pm.
Board yearly planning – August 19th Board meeting from 11 -2 followed by Potluck -3 to 8 for all Art Rave members.
Discussion of logos

3. Adoption of previous board meeting minutes
July 24th minutes adopted with a note that treasurer’s report incomplete eg., Float,
Posters, reconciliation with Tamas regarding SOL.

4. Correspondence
George submitted a letter stating if the $500.00 he loaned Art Rave was not needed for the next event he would like it paid back now. After discussion George agreed to table his request until after the next event, which is the Salmon Fest Art Rave presence.

5. Treasurer’s report & financial statements
No report. Excused by Wes.

6. Reports:
a. President’s report
Wes spoke of two other potential members, Maggie the Children’s librarian at the Library and Dee Parsinishi. Wes spoke to them about being on the grants committee along with Colleen.

7. Old Business –
Salmon Fest Report and discussion

Anne Fleming, secretary of Salmon Fest attended meeting at 7:15 pm. There is a Salmon Fest meeting Thursday, 17th 7:30pm at the Fall Fair grounds. A couple Art Rave Board rave members should attend.

Six tents were offered by Salmon Fest. The number of tents is to be determined by Art Rave (by Aug 20th, no later than Aug 29th) from 4 to 5, with one of those free for the children’s painting. Salmon Fest supplies site insurance, tents, a little power. No insurance for art. We supply tables, chairs, signage, badges. Tents are $75 per day Saturday and Sunday. It would be $75 per tent total for Friday and Monday. There are no other charges.
We should send publicity to Anne to be forwarded to website and announcements from the stage.
Anne to confirm that we can have a draw for a painting. Winner could be announced at closing ceremonies.

[A couple of days after the meeting Wes and Mike Mallin planned the mechanics of hanging the art, and using clipboards for People’s Choice award]
[George and Wes met with Margie of Ladybird engraving to discuss banner]

8. New Business –
Reconciling of the accounts – discussion around the financial statement for the July 20th event at the Bavarian centre. This needs to be reconciled as there are discrepancies. The importance of having financial statements up to date before proceeding with the next event was discussed.

9.Next Board meeting will be Sunday 19th 11 am at Colleens