Aug 19th, 2012

Art Rave Society
Board of Directors Meeting Date – August 19th, 2012 time – 11: am
place – Tamas/Colleen’s @ 2727 6th Ave, PA

1. Call to order at 11:15 AM

2. Adoption of agenda –
1) Vote on appointing George Bowden a) to the board b) as treasurer.
2) Financial report by George Bowden
3) Visioning. What does Art Rave plan for the coming year. Rough out events calendar
4) Direction of Art Rave Logo style so Banner can be printed for Salmon Fest
5) Salmon Fest detailed plans
6) Plans for the rest of the day open to members
7) Charge for space at Islands Gallery

Chris moved acceptance of agenda – Michael seconded – minutes accepted

3. Adoption of previous board meeting minutes –
minutes accepted as read – (Wes moved to accept minutes as read, seconded by
Michael, unanimously passed.

5. Correspondence

6. Treasurer’s report & financial statements. Chris to move that we accept the financial report, Michael seconded. All in favour

7 President’s report

8. Reports –
1. President
2. Vice-President
3. Treasurer
4. Other

9. Old Business –

10. New Business –

1) Discussion – Virginia resigned as Treasurer  of Art Rave Society of Alberni, in writing, on August 15th, 2012.  [Later she clarified that she remains on the Board]
Chris moved we accept her resignation as treasurer, Michael seconded it – unanimously accepted.
Chris motioned that George be voted in as Treasurer, Michael seconded it, unanimously accepted – Discussion – George spoke of his interest in becoming treasurer and his qualifications – willing to be treasurer, if there was a vacancy. George treasurer for Strata of 94 units, treasurer of Forest Fest Society, and was treasurer of the Greater Victoria PC Users Association, currently president.

2) George presented a summary financial statement – Discussion re members having access to monthly financial statements – members to have a monthly summary (this to be posted after Board meeting along with minutes). Michael motioned to accept this, Wes seconded, – passed unanimously.

[Added after the meeting by George:  At the monthly board meeting, the Board will be provided a full snapshot of the accounts spreadsheet  and a summary. Members will be provided the summary in the minutes of that meeting, and the full snapshot if they request it.  The actual  accounting file is a Google doc in the alberni.artrave gmail account.  Because critical source files such as the original source files of the membership database and accounting  are in the gmail account,  only the chair, the secretary, and the treasurer have access to that gmail account.  These files are backed up as they change. That is consistent with the practice before George joined.   Colleen and George monitor the emails there.  The Societies documents are kept there such as images of the incorporation documents, past minutes, correspondence, and logos, and can be shared to other membes as needed.]

3) discussion regarding visioning Art Rave – Chris opened discussion – focus should be on getting membership numbers up, concentration on getting funding/grant apps/fundraising for juried art show 2013.

Chris questioned our involvement with Salmon Fest – does it impact our being taken seriously re juried art show, are we getting sidetracked?
Wes felt that our presence at Salmon Fest is an opportunity, to get “Art Rave” name known, also that it’s good practice.
George agreed that we should concentrate efforts on juried art show, and that we aught to be collaborating with others.
Colleen agreed that narrowing our focus, efforts, energy on the juried art show rather than trying to take on running a street festival – that we aught to be looking at partnering with city, other groups makes sense – spoke of the Salmon Fest meeting and learning that they are the umbrella under which other groups come together – Salmon Fest coordinates and takes a percentage of profits.
Michael also spoke of the benefit of concentrating efforts on art show, also was in support of “Art Rave” events like the one on July 20th past at Bavarian centre.
Tamas agreed that we need to get focused – there was some discussion as to which weekend would be the best weekend for this event next year – the one after August long weekend?
It was agreed that we would continue discussion at next Board meeting, including setting a schedule of events, tasks for coming year.

Discussion regarding who can show art at Art Rave events, ie., Gallery presence versus no gallery presence
Formation of a policy – “Only artists who are members of Art Rave Society of Alberni can submit Art for show and/or sale to an Art Rave event unless otherwise specified by the Board”.  Approved

4) Discussion – Art Rave fonts, Logo – Chris spoke of the image we want to present – suggested we throw out ideas – energetic, contemporary “for the future” for artists – professional, classic (going forward into the future) we are a society that has a local focus on Argyle – should the graphics reflect this – does exhibiting/presence work well on Argyle/Arts district

Decision made re banner – George made motion to hand write a banner for Salmon Fest in order to give more time to process “the Look”- all in favour – Tamas agreed to help make temporary banner. It will read – “Art Rave Society” Presents.

5) Discussion – Salmon fest
Tamas, Colleen reported back from attending Salmon Fest meeting – tentative placement of Art Rave on site will be the front of where the old building used to be – Mike Carter , Manager of Marina Services gave his card (250-720-6771) and is open to having us come down to walk the site – Wes would like to come along some time this week to see site.
We have electricity, no lights
Art Rave to pay 600.00 for Sat/Sun for 5 tents extra tent provided for children/workshop tent. Roll-ends from mill will be made available, Flandangles will donate 50.00 towards art supplies. Colleen made connection with Sheena from West coast Aquatics re getting some imagery to be used as inspiration for ‘art’ project
Colleen will follow up this week re write-up for publicity for Salmon Fest website and AV times (Heather Thompson).

6) plans for rest of day – Wes will summarize Board’s work/vision and present to members.
George printed out sign-up sheets for those wanting to present at Salmon Fest to be made available at potluck.

7) Wes would like to charge Art Rave for the use of the gallery for meetings and storage.  George said he would get quotes from 2 other possible meeting places, and bring them to the next meeting.

11. Next board meeting (no date decided on)

12. Adjournment

Chris moves to adjourn meeting – all in favour meeting ended 2:05 pm