May 29th, 2012

Draft minutes of First General Meeting held May 29th 2012
Attending: Ann McIvor, Barry Bruyere, Chris Doman, Colleen Clancy, George Bowden, Jenny Haddock, Junko Sakai, Michael Mallin, Sue LaForge, Tamas Zalatnai, Virginia Brook, Walt Collins, Wes Bloxham
Meeting called to order 6:40pm
Appointments: Virginia Brook as treasurer, Wes Bloxham as chair, Michael Mallin vice-chair, Colleen Clancy as Secretary, Jenny Haddock as director at large, Chris Doman director at large, Susan Laforge director at large. Tamas Zalatnai as director at large. Moved by Cris Doman, Seconded by George Bowden, approved. Michael Mallin will stand as vicechair subject to being cleared. The society thanks Junko Sakai, past secretary, for her excellent organization of documents and communications.

Business: Membership 1st Sep 2012 to 31 Aug 2013 will be $10. Half year membership 1st Mar 2013 to 31 Aug 2012 will be $5. Moved by George, approved.
Virginia Brook to look into banking at Toronto Dominion, Royal Bank, and Coastal Community Credit Union. 4 signatories (The directors) are required.
Fiscal year end will be September 30th, and the AGM will be a the end of November.
Directors meeting
A filing cabinet is needed.
General Meetings will be called as needed.
Benefits to members were discussed, including discounts.
Members website demonstrated by George Bowden

Art Rave Event planning:

  • Membership drive needed every second month. George Bowden volunteered to print membership pamphlet. Needs internationally famous artist to kick off with, per Chris.
  • June 2nd. Art Rave Presents at Stationhouse bar and grill 51251 Argyle(ex Timbers restauraunt). Install on Thursday May 31 for Saturday showing
  • July 10th. 7-9pm General meeting and membership drive. To be held above Bavarian Restaurant. Wes will ask Seiks temple if they will donate food, needs donated art for auction and dance.
  • Art Deco Argyle photoshoot. George might organize,
  • Art and Music Rave, Barry to organize
  • A summer barbeque is desirable,  at George’s or?.
  • Laura has contact with Quality Foods, Gord has contact with No Frills

Relations with other planning organizations:
A block party is being organized by Char’s on Argyle between 4th Ave and 5th Ave. Barry is involved in the music. John Greenburg and Adam Percy also involved.
Jean Mackintosh at the museum is organizing an Art Crawl, including Clock Tower Gallery. But what about Gordon Dick, Canvas Cup, Jenny and Char. Walter will ask Jean Mackintosh to call Wes.

Centenial celebration Aug 3-5, 9am-1pm on Argyle, then 1pm-8pm at Bob Daily stadium. Friday, Aug. 3: welcoming event organized by the Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce.
Saturday, Aug. 4: “festivities will be held on the south side of town and will include puddle ducks as well as events at the Rollin Art Centre and Harbour Quay.”

Saturday, July 28: Street Fair on 3rd Ave. Weekend before centenial, includes roller derby girls. Third Avenue, between Argyle to Mar Streets, will be closed for the Uptown Market Event.

June 13th. John Tappet from Raven coal will speak at Chamber of Commerce at the Barkley. Protesters outside are invited by Barry
Dorothy Jarvis wants a list of artist for Rotary, and we would like access to that list too.

Adjourned approximately 8pm.
Next officers meeting will be June 12 at 6:30pm at Islands Gallery.