Jan 21, 2013

Board Meeting

1. Call to order: at 6:40 pm

2. Adoption of agenda – addition – Wes’ request for $50.00 a month to cover hydro costs at Island Gallery agenda (to be voted on).

Establishment of committee for juried Arts Show
“ ” non-juried Arts Show
motion passed.

3. Adoption of previous board meeting minutes – motion passed

4. Correspondence –
Regarding the letter from the City, ‘Community Investment Program’ George will follow up with a call to Theresa Kingston to clarify use of funds.

5. Reports

Wes confirmed responses to invitation to January 30th Stakeholder’s meeting @ 7 at the Capitol Theatre: Uptown Bus Assoc, Young Prof. of Alberni Valley,YPAV Brent Ronning of Capitol Theatre, Theresa Bird of Rotary, Pat Deakin of city (Econ dev) Mellissa of Rollin Arts Centre.

Michael reported on the meeting he attended a Char’s ‘Getting them Here’ – There is a brochure in the works of Summer events in the Alberni Valley this is being led by Theresa Bird.
George reported Art Rave’s Revenue is still $338.69 with the $2000.00 from the city being held in reserve.

6. Old Business –
meetings taking place re Argyle St Business revitalization:
Jan 22nd @ Char’s – YPAV @ 5pm
Jan 24th at Swale Rock Uptown Business Assoc @7 pm
Jan 30th at Capitol Theatre – Art Rave presentation/discussion with Stakeholders @7pm
Art Rave General membership Meeting at Islands Gallery @ 7pm.
Feb 20th at Char’s Rotary ‘Getting them Here’ @ 4 pm

7. New Business –
– Setting the date for Art Rave Juried Art Show – Aug 17th, 18th (set up 15th, 16th, take down 19th). All in favour, motion was passed
– letter to service groups – tabled – George and Colleen to work on it this coming week
– Resignation of Chris Doman as Member at Large – Chris has said he would still like to be involved with Juried Arts Show –
Task list for CWY – Colleen, to work on this with input from others–
Communication with members – George working on the website with CWY allowing for members to access info, post info – The on-line application process is being researched for artists to submit work for the juried Arts Show
Wes requesting $50.00 per month for hydro from Art Rave to cover costs of use of space at Islands Gallery – motion was passed
Committee for juried arts show has commitment for Richard Skipp, George Bowden, Colleen Clancy, Tamas Zalatnai

8. Next board meeting –
February 6th at 6:30 at Islands Gallery
General membership meeting Wed, February 13th at 7 pm

9. Adjournment 8:50