May 26th 2013

Art Rave Society of Alberni

Board of Directors Meeting

May 26th, 10:30am, Islands Gallery

  1. Call to order: At 10:40am – those present – Wes Bloxham, Michael Mallin, George Bowdon, Richard Skipp, Tamas Zalatnai, Colleen Clancy
  1. Adoption of agenda – Agenda read and adopted – all agreed

Adoption of previous board meeting minutes – meeting minutes unavailable for meeting – to be adopted at next meeting (June 13th, 2013)

Correspondence – Port Alberni Parks and Recreation contract sent from Jacob Colyn

5. Reports

President – Wes continuing to promote Art Rave through contact with people coming in to Islands Gallery, making contact with the City Administrative assistant/office manager, Jake Martens, regarding closure of street, and had received email from him regarding what to include in a letter to city.

Richard Skipp and Wes have designed a postcard and want it available for the ‘Days of the Arts’. All voted in favour of design with modifications made. A budget of 100.00 was approved for print costs associated with postcard printing.

Chris Doman has designed a ‘Call to Artists’ online invitation to be sent out to selected artists.

The train station is looking very good, with Michael and Wes getting the place painted, (with some support from George , Colleen, others) cleaned up, moving ‘stuff’ out of the space and into storage.

Meeting with Darren Willis on May 6th was productive, regarding information sharing regarding organizing a festival, media info etc. Wes, George and Colleen in attendance at the Gallery with George taking minutes. Darren Willis is involved in organizing ‘Thunder in The Valley’ and is involved in the collaborative work with Rob Gentleman at the train station and Maclean Mill.

Vice-President – Michael reported that his volunteer hours of painting the train station has resulted in a space that is ready for the show in August!

His short interview with Nancy Willmot can be seen on GO Island! On Shaw Cable. It’s a great promotion for Art Rave.

Treasurer – George is stepping down from the position of Communications Director – will stay on in his position as Treasurer and will continue to maintain website.

Other – George and Colleen attended meeting at Gyro centre for info on the Community Investment Program 2014 – to apply for funding from the City of Port Alberni for next year. Application must be in by October 1st, 2013. Emphasis again on collaborating with other non- profits.

9. Old Business – Colleen has followed up with the city regarding tent set up and take down. The price on rental contract of 525.00 includes set up and take down. Parks/Rec contact Jacob Colyn would like a map of where tents are to be set up and exact dates of set up and take down.

Regarding garbage, the city can deliver a locked bin to the site.

Regarding having art in businesses – Wes has spoken with Gail of Gail’s Fashions and the Uptown Merchants association about sending out an email to members suggesting they think about art they may want to display in their businesses.

Regarding AGM – Discussed when to hold AGM to be in accordance with BC Society Act. Must be within 15 months of becoming incorporated which was April 23rd, 2012.

10. New Business – Setting a date for AGM – looking at June 29th, 2013 at 7:00 pm to be held at the Train Station with a social function to be held afterward. All in favour, unanimous.

Wes and Colleen will meet on Monday, May 27th, to follow up with calling the city regarding a request for a road closure for the Art Rave event.

11. Next board meeting – June 13th, 2013, at Islands Gallery at 7:00 pm.

12. Adjournment – 12 pm