List of accepted artists

Thank you very much for your submission to the Alberni Art Rave 2013 inaugural show.

We’ve had a terrific response and will be able to present a wonderful show this year. We will be including world renowned local artists such as Connie Watts and Gordon Dick as well as Gwen Curry, Derek Cowan and others with a wide range of artistic vision and proven record of long term dedication. In selecting our artists we have striven to provide as excellent and varied a show as possible with a focus on a range of design, use of colour, originality, creativity, feeling and choice of subject matter.

Our major goal is to provide Port Alberni with a first class art show attracting International artists of renown as well as developing ones of skill and originality. Alberni Art Rave has a mission statement to develop awareness of Arts as a major contribution towards the economic and cultural betterment of our community.

We hope to be an organization that encourages artists to continually strive for higher achievement. If your work was not accepted for this show, please do not consider this a defeat. Many factors have had an influence on our decision. Continue the good work that you do and submit wherever an opportunity is presented.

With very sincere thanks.

Alberni Art Rave

Here is final list of accepted artists:

Connie Watts
Dave Parsanishi
Derek Cowan
Glaswegian Blonde
Gordon Dick
Gwen Curry
Julian Growcott
Katharina Zalatnai
Krystyna Jervis
Mike Semkiw
Peter Kiidumae
Richard Sandstrom
Rod Sayers
Shane Lloyd
Todd Robinson