2013 AGM Minutes

DRAFT ART RAVE Society of Alberni AGM meeting minutes – June 29th, 2013

(Official announcement by email went out June 14th, 2013 of the ART RAVE Society of Alberni AGM.)

Meeting called to order at 7:15 pm by Chair Wes Bloxham

In attendance: Wes Bloxham, Michael Mallin, Richard Skipp, Tamas Zalatnai, George Bowden, Colleen Clancy, Jenny Haddock, Chris Doman, Ann McIvor, Barry Bruyere, Carol Vandenhoorn, Lily Diotte, Youlande Fournier, Shayne Lloyd, Todd Robinson, Laurence Subra- Bieusse, Tia Brown, Ann Cullen –

George Bowden, Treasurer, distributed a financial statement.

Chair Wes Bloxham gave a summary report, outlining the work done to date:

The inaugural ART RAVE Art Festival is scheduled for August 16th, 17th, 18th, 2013, to be held in and around the train station at Argyle and Kingsway, Port Alberni. This will include an art show to be held in the train station, and other events to be held in 20×20 tents: demonstrating artists, an all ages art tent, sound stage, and Beer Gardens put on by the YPAV (Young Professionals Alberni Valley). There will be an invitation only licensed event held Friday night, the 16th of August from 7 to 11.

The City of Port Alberni has been ART RAVE’s major sponsor.

Secretary Colleen Clancy gave a summary report of the “Mixing Art with Businesses” initiative where Art Rave artist members will display their art in participating Port Alberni businesses – (committee chair: Sarah Bunda, not present).

Juror Chris Doman gave a summary report of the Art Show, to be held in train station. There will be 16 artists showing their work.

Election of Board members: It was announced that George Bowden would not run again as Treasurer and Jenny Haddock would not run again as Member at Large.

Standing for chair: Wes Bloxham – standing for vice-chair: Michael Mallin – standing for secretary: Colleen Clancy – standing for member-at-large: Richard Skipp – standing for member-at-large: Tamas Zalatnai – all in favour, all unanimously voted in.

No one stepped up to fill the Treasurer’s position.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm. Refreshments were available, including tea, coffee, juice, assorted cheeses, meats and buns.


Financial statement for Art Rave Society of Alberni 2013-6-9 AGM
Year Income vs Expense Project Amount
2012 Income Bavaria Show $2,911.08
2012 Income Donation to Society $275.00
2012 Income Incorporation $120.00
2012 Income City of PA CIP grant $2,000.00
2012 Income Loans $500.00
2012 Income mbr dues $480.00
2012 Income Office $64.73
2012 Income SalmonFest Show $367.18
2012 total Income   $6,717.99
2012 Expense Advertising -$115.49
2012 Expense Bavaria Show -$2,457.64
2012 Expense Incorporation -$135.00
2012 Expense Loans -$500.00
2012 Expense Office -$196.65
2012 Expense SalmonFest Show -$974.52
2012 total Expense   -$4,379.30
2013 Income mbr dues $10.00
2013 Income salmon fest refund $180.00
2013 Income donation $100.00
2013 total Income   $290.00
2013 Expense Canada World Youth -$49.60
2013 Expense JAS Advertising -$1,394.48
2013 Expense Juried Art Show -$9.97
2013 Expense Office -$150.00
2013 Expense Secretarial Supplies -$82.00
2013 Expense subscriptions -$25.00
2013 total Income   -$1,711.05
Current Balance, including allocated grants $917.64