New Art Rave board elected at the AGM

Alberni Art Rave Society has a new board, elected October 7th at the AGM.  The meeting was an exciting exchange of fresh ideas for the direction Art Rave will take in 2015. As plans develop, we will post them on Facebook and on our website.

A series of members’ socials is planned offering members a fun way to meet, be involved and share their ideas and input for 2015.  The board members now are:

  • Colleen Clancy – Chair
  • Lily Diotte – Secretary
  • Robert Gunn – Treasurer
  • Jillian Mayne – Communications
  • Barry Bruyere – Member at large
  • Youlande Fournier – Member at large

emails sent to alberni.artrave are forwarded to the Secretary, Lily and the Chair, Colleen.

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