Sad News of Wesley Bloxham’s Passing

Wesley Bloxham, Art Rave co-founder and friend, passed away on June 4th, 2020, in Port Alberni.
Wes made a home here and was the creator and owner of Islands Gallery, on Argyle St.
Wes welcomed everyone into this remarkable space, which became a hang out for artists and the like, a distillery, of a kind, where the mash up of ideas, energies, dreams, resulted in a potent elixir some might call love.
‘Prenez moi comme je suis’ … ‘take me as I am’ speaks of Wes and his philosophy on life. In his acceptance of others, especially ‘the othered’, it’s how he chose to live his life, and how we will remember him.  As his Art Rave cohorts, we continue to strive to live up to the standards Wes set for all of us.
Join us in sending out thoughts of love and care to Wes’ family and loved ones.

Safe passage dear friend
Colleen and the motley Art Rave crew

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