Feb 6th, 2013

Art Rave Society of Alberni
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Date – Feb 6/2013 time – 6:30 pm place – Islands Gallery
Present: Wes Bloxham, Michael Mallin, Richard Skipp, Tamas Zalatnai,
Colleen Clancy, George Bowden via Skype after an hour.

1. Call to order: at 6:45

2. Adoption of agenda – Michael motioned to adopt agenda, passed.

3. Adoption of previous board meeting minutes – George was unclear regarding who would be on the juried art show committee as it was written in minutes – otherwise Michel motioned to pass minutes, passed

4. Correspondence – Wes contacted Russell McLaughlin of Lions will present our request for funding at their next meeting. Teresa Bird of the Rotary was given letter with Wes asking for a commitment of 5ooo.oo from them. Teresa’s response was to say “we’ll see”.

5. Reports

Wes reported he contacted RCMP regarding site security. Learned of other groups to follow up with – Citizens on Patrol, Alberni Valley Rescue Squad.
Received confirmation that tents from Parks and Recreation have been secured.

Dave McCormack of Port Authority has been contacted and will be returning a call to Wes.

Michael reported he spoke with Ineo Employment Services regarding the possibility of allocation of human resources towards Art Rave ( those involved in employment programs who are placed into job experience positions). As funding/partnering was finalized some time ago for this year, it would be important to include this in a timeline for next year.

George Bowden asked who would be following up with Salmon Fest. Ann Fleming of Salmon Fest reported verbally to Colleen Clancy that Salmon Fest has in principle agreed to the reimbursement of 300.00. Tamas will contact Ann to follow up.

6. Old Business – Date set for general membership meeting for February 20th, 2013. George Bowden, Communications, has sent out an email announcing date and asking for people to respond to email in order to determine capacity of general meeting location.
7. New Business –
George discussed the need for Board members to take lead regarding the planning for Juried Art Show. George’s January 31st email to Board reads:
“I’ve put a couple documents on AlberniArtrave google docs for your editing:
a) a list of volunteer positions to fill
b) a plan (seeing as I’m unaware of a detailed, specific plan , with people assigned and a schedule. )   I’ve used the outline provided by BC Arts .  Now we have to edit it, putting in people’s names, dates, policies, etc.” There was a discussion as to who should take on lead position of project manager. Wes put his name forward. Colleen wanted a chance to discuss the responsibilities involved with this position –

George put forward the idea of using a Gantt Chart which is an online project management tool. All were in favour of this idea.

George put out a call for submissions for a new logo – an email went out asking for submissions to be dropped in to ‘site’ created for the purpose.

Richard Skipp spoke with Walt Collins who is interested in being on the jury. George David a native artist has been approached by Richard to sit on Jury and he would be interested. Tamas put Dorothy Jarvis’ name forward as a possible juror. He will contact Dorothy and report back.

Colleen led a discussion regarding the possibility of holding the Juried Arts Show indoors, specifically in the McGill Building in 5100 block of Argyle. Board interested in pursuing idea. Colleen will contact realtor Chris ColClough of ReMax and report back.
8. Next board meeting – no date set –
Focus on Feb 20th General Membership Board meeting

9. Adjournment – 8:40 pm